We are a one stop online vaping cafe with high quality vape products and e-liquids that we ship all over Australia.

Our coffees range from normal to exotic. Come and try our Death By Chocolate, Death by Chocolate Mint, or Death by Chocolate Cafe Mocha. You can tip your cup on the side and it will not spill. We are adding new decadent exotic coffees to our range to slowly build to our full menu.

If you prefer healthy to decadent and indulgent coffees, then try our rare and exotic teas. Each tea has a medicinal benefit and is very tasty.

High Teas are available but you should book at least a day in advance so we have time to prepare your chosen menu, whether it be cucumber sandwiches with the crust removed, cup cakes, and most other food choices.

After establishing our exotic coffees and rare and exotic teas, we went on to introduce our Health Promoting Fruit Juices.

Our Health Promoting Fruit Juices have been created by a Doctor who specialises in Human Body Chemistry.


Each juice contains natural herbs, spices and seeds, combined in ways that will cause, for example, a female to naturally produce estrogen and thereby alleviate menopausal symptoms naturally, no chemicals, or males to increase testosterone production giving an energy boost naturally, no caffeine or sugars as you find in canned “energy drinks”.

There will eventually be more than twenty juices, each promoting a different health aspect, such as reducing sugar craving, reducing nicotine craving, and fighting infections.

Non smokers are happy with our products as well as smokers. This is due to the fact that vape does not smell bad, it smells rather nice, and it dissipates quickly as it is vapour, not smoke. Imagine a kettle boiling in the same room with steam coming out.

Bottom line,  as an online vaping cafe we have vaping, teas and juices for health and enjoyment, and just for fun, you can indulge in our decadent, exotic coffees.

From all of us at The Vape Man Online Vaping Cafe, we look forward to seeing you enjoy all that we have to offer.

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